Masters Program Online

The Masters Program Online (MPOL) offers the opportunity to study the MP to those who are unable to join the residential program. 


The MPOL makes use of the latest online educational tools available, in an e-learning environment. In addition to the written course materials and texts, students will have access to audio recordings of the teachings, review classes in audio or video format, supervised forums, online quizzes and exams, and other tools to facilitate their learning.


The on-line program runs parallel to the residential program and is offered in both English and Italian. Online students are supported in their studies by a qualified teaching assistant.


Given the advanced nature of these studies, online students should expect to commit a substantial amount of time each week in order to reach a good level of understanding of the material.

  • Students who successfully complete the requirements for the individual subjects will be issued a Home Study Completion Card by the FPMT Education Department
  • Students who successfully complete all five subjects, pass the final comprehensive exam, and complete a final one-month retreat will qualify to receive the FPMT Masters Program Home Study Completion Certificate

 INFORMATION AND CONTACT                                                                       

Applications for admission to the Masters Program On-line can be submitted up to one month prior to the beginning of each new subject.

For more information about the Masters Program, please contact:
office telephone: (+39) 050-685009, ext. 1