Basic Program Onsite

Teachings at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute

WHAT IT IS: The Basic Program of Buddhist Studies is an FPMT in-depth study program of nine important texts in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Lama Tzong Khapa. The full-time residential Basic Program at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute takes place over a period of two-years, with classes Monday-Friday, nine months a year.


FOR WHO: As the Basic Program is an in-depth program of study and practice, applicants should have already acquired some familiarity with the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism through attending introductory and foundational level courses and study programs such as Discovering Buddhism and the Foundation of Buddhist Thought.

As the main language of the program is English, applicants must also have an acceptable level of spoken and written English. Applicants are not required to possess a university degree.

BY WHOM: The nine modules of the Basic Program will be taught by Geshe Tenzin Tenphel, a Tibetan lharam geshe (the highest degree conferred by the Tibetan monastic university system) who has been resident teacher at the Institute since 1998.

WHERE: Classes, tutorials, meditation sessions, and retreats take place at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute.

WHEN: The Basic program will start on September 17, 2015

OUTCOME: Students who complete the academic, meditation, and project  components in relation to the nine modules, pass the final comprehensive exam, and do three months of lam-rim retreat qualify for the FPMT Basic Program Completion Certificate and can become In-depth Buddhism FPMT registered teachers.


LANGUAGE: Classes are translated from Tibetan into English.