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Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom Italia - Being Your True Nature by Osel Hita & Matteo Passigato
Filmed in France in August 2011, Being Your True Nature introduces a new form of education that enables people of all ages, cultures and traditions to lead a happy and meaningful life and be of service to others.

The aim of Universal Wisdom Education is to take forward the Dalai Lama’s vision by helping children, youth, and adults of all cultures and traditions to develop their innate capacity to be kind and wise, and contribute to peace in the world. Universal Wisdom Education is an initiative of The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, a non-profit organization set up in January 2005. Working at grassroots, it provides resources, training and connections for use in schools and colleges, healthcare, hospices and drug rehab, prisons, workplace, and the home.

Lama Tzong Khapa Institute hosts annual Universal Wisdom Education Italia’s courses including the long running Summer children’s camp

“Lo scopo del Centro è prodigarsi per gli altri. Questo è un Centro internazionale, aperto a tutti, a ogni persona di qualunque etnia, nazionalità e retroterra socio-culturale. E’ un luogo dove imparare come liberare la mente dalle concezioni dannose profondamente radicate e come vivere in armonia con gli altri, mettendo la meditazione in pratica nella vita quotidiana.”
Lama Thubten Yeshe
Fondatore FPMT