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Tummo: Retreat of the Inner Fire

With a special combination of physical movements, breath exercises and visualization we awaken our inner fire, which burns the blockages of karmic imprints.

Tummo is our wisdom fire. It is something we naturally have within our bodies. This fire, this inner warmth, can be found in the area below the navel, but we are not usually aware of it and we do not use it. On a physical level, it is responsible for the temperature of our body—the heat of metabolism and the heat that powers chemical reactions and builds hormones. But Tummo is much more than this!

On an energetic level, the Tummo fire blazes through the channels, melting away the subtlest blockages and surging energy throughout the body. On the level of mind, Tummo is the source of love, joy, happiness and bliss.

Unfortunately, as we become older we start to lose this natural warmth. Then, our hormones and essences automatically reduce. But it doesn’t have to be this way! The Tummo practice will reignite our inner fire.

Tulku Lobsang has a very special connection to Tummo. This is his specialty, he has received all kinds of lineages and he can teach it like no other. An amazing opportunity!

Tulku Lobsang is a man that bridges worlds. Deeply rooted in Buddhist Tantrayana, Bön and Tibetan Medicine, he travels the world sharing these ancient wisdom and methods to improve our modern lives. As the founder and director of Nangten Menlang International, his aim is to awaken each of us to our own inner wisdom and inner medicine.

The course fee is € 140, not including the cost of accommodation and meals.

For registration, please send an email to the following contacts, specifying whether you need to book accommodation and meals.


For further information and registration, please contact Borgo di Pomaia tel. +39 050 685035 – or Maria Cristina Galigani – tel. +39 340 2953961 |

Web site Tulku Lobsang:

The course will be held at the Borgo di Pomaia in Santa Luce (PI).


Tulku Lobsang

The venerable Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche is a high precious Buddhist master. He bases his teachings on the ancient Tantric knowledge that has been the foundation for Tibetan Buddhism, Medicine, Astrology and many popular healing techniques. Having a profound knowledge in these matters, Rinpoche now presents to the world the knowledge of his venerable lineage, integrating various disciplines in one, as they originally were.

You can find more information on Tulku Lobsang’s life here.


January 25 | 20:30
January 27 | 13:00
€ 140,00


Borgo di Pomaia
via Poggiberna 38
Pomaia-Santa Luce, 56040 Italia

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