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FPMT Basic Program 2023 – 2027

The FPMT Basic Program of Buddhist Studies is a well structured course of study and practice and an excellent preparation for the seven-year FPMT Masters Program.

The Online FPMT Basic Program will start simultaneously with the residential program, in September 2023.

Students have access to:

  • Texts and study material, accessible from the Online Learning Center website: http://corsi.iltk.org/
  • Audio recordings of Geshe-la’s teachings -normally available the next day on the Online Learning Center
  • Weekly recordings of the review classes by the BP Online tutor
  • Weekly online self-evaluation (quiz) and an exam at the end of each subject
  • Discussion forums for exchanging information, ideas and questions between students and the tutor

The teachings will be available in translation into Italian and English.

In addition to the academic, meditation and retreat, and service requirements, the FPMT Basic Program includes a required standard of conduct and practice. Students should observe conduct that accords with Buddhist ethics and they are expected to practise awareness of positive and negative states of mind and to be developing the practice of patience and concern for others. This requirement was specifically added to the FPMT Basic Program by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

The tuition fees for the entire program and for individual subjects are as follows:


You can apply for the entire FPMT Basic Program or for individual subjects.

Applications for the whole FPMT Basic Program are opened until July 31, 2023.
Applications for individual subjects must be done at least two weeks before the beginning of the subject. 

There are no formal prerequisites for entering the FPMT Basic Program, but a thorough basic understanding of the main Tibetan Buddhist concepts will be useful. Having completed an introductory program such as Discovering Buddhism will make your BP studies more fruitful and enjoyable.
To register, please fill in the online form and attach the following documents:.

  • Curriculum vitae with a short summary of your Dharma experience
  • Motivation letter

FPMT Basic Program Online has two kinds of certificates:

  • a Completion Card for successful completion of individual subjects
  • Completion Certificatefor successful completion of FPMT Basic Program Online

BP Online Completion Card

Online FPMT Basic Program students who would like to receive a BP Online Subject Completion Card are required to:

  • Have done a minimum of two half-hour meditation sessions every week
  • Have a behavior rooted in Dharma ethics, particularly practising to abstain from killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct (adultery) and using intoxicants, as explained in the BP Behavior and Conduct info sheet
  • Practice mindfulness in relation to positive and negative mental states and in particular to develop the practice of patience and taking care of others.

Students who have successfully completed one or more subjects will receive a completion card from the Education Office, indicating the subjects completed.

BP Homestudy Completion Certificate
bpdiploma_200-1FPMT Education Services issues a BP Homestudy Completion Certificate to students who:

  • Have successfully completed all nine curriculum subjects
  • Have participated in the three-month final review
  • Have passed the final exam
  • Have completed a one-month lamrim retreat

For more information about the FPMT Basic Program please contact:

Segreteria Didattica
Office telephone: 0039 050-685009

Thank you for your interest.