BP Residential Program

Basic Program 2018 – 2022

The Basic Program is an important and well-qualified study program that explains many of the key points of Mahayana Buddhism. It offers an extraordinary basis for practice and for the development of our inner qualities.


  • Daily teachings with Geshe-la from Monday to Thursday
  • Review classes
  • Discussion groups
  • Daily meditations
  • Community service
  • Weekly self-evaluation (quiz)
  • Test at the end of each subject
  • Short retreats

Students will be provided with study material such as translations of texts and commentaries, course materials such as charts, etc.
Residential students additionally have access to ILTK’s BP Online at the Online Learning Center website: corsi.iltk.org

The teachings will be translated from Tibetan into Italian and English.

In addition to the academic, meditation and retreat, and service requirements, the Basic Program includes a required standard of conduct and practice. Students should observe conduct that accords  with Buddhist ethics and they are expected to practise awareness of positive and negative states of mind and to be developing the practice of patience and concern for others. This requirement was specifically added to the Basic Program by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.


Tibetan language teacher

Anastasia Stoliarova

Anastasia graduated from Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo Translator Programme, (LRZTP) a two-year intensive Tibetan language study course in Dharamsala, India, in 2014 (LRZTP-6 taught by Sherab Dhargye and Teresa Bianca). For the next two years, Anastasia continued her Tibetan language and Dharma studies in Dharamsala. In 2016 she moved to Bodhgaya to work as a FPMT Basic Program interpreter at the Root Institute for Wisdom Culture.

Anastasia has been teaching Tibetan since a student at LRZTP giving Skype lessons and short intensive courses. She has also assisted as a conversation partner for the subsequent LRZT Programme.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Anastasia has worked as a translator and interpreter from Tibetan into English and Russian. She has collaborated with the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive, the Root Institute, Russian FPMT centers and the Tergar Dharma community. Anastasia has translated for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mingyur Rinpoche, Tai Situ Rinpoche, Ling Rinpoche and various Geshes at FPMT centers.

Teaching Tibetan Anastasia prefers a full immersion approach and puts a lot of emphasis on the use of practical language skills rather than the simple acquisition of linguistic structures. Having studied English, Tibetan, Japanese, Hindi and German Anastasia is an experienced language learner and knows how to make the process of acquiring a new language easy and fun.

In her own words, “Language learning is a natural process we all go through in our childhood making our native language our own. In the same way we can engage in learning a new tongue – by simply allowing ourselves to be kids again and open ourselves up to a new dimension that will soon become a part of us. Certain techniques and strategies will help our mind integrate new habits and our brain build new neural connections, but most importantly is our attitude – we should simply play with this new world that’s opening up before us. Playfulness, humor and joy are the key to making the learning process quick and easy. My task as a teacher is to show you the rules of the game and help you become a successful and happy gamer”.

The tuition fees for the entire program and for individual subjects are as follows:

Ordained Sangha
Monks and nuns are offered the Residential Program free of charge, as long as they participate fully in all aspects of the program.

Course Auditors
It is also possible to participate in the residential program as auditor.
Auditors can only attend the teachings.

Accomodation and meals


Students, who live outside of the Institute and would like to make use of the dining service at the Institute, please send an email to segreteria@iltk.it

The costs per month for accommodation and meals are:

For information regarding the availability of accommodation, please contact segreteriadidattica@iltk.it
Please note: The accommodations for the Students are only available during the study period.
During the winter break and July /August the the costs will be as scheduled for that season!

You can apply for the entire Basic Program or for individual subjects.

Applications for the whole Basic Program are opened until July 31, 2018.
Applications for individual subjects must be done at least two weeks before the beginning of the subject. Please refer to the schedule>>

There are no formal prerequisites for entering the Basic Program, but a thorough basic understanding of the main Tibetan Buddhist concepts will be useful. Having completed an introductory program such as Discovering Buddhism or The Foundation of Buddhist Thought will make your BP studies more fruitful and enjoyable.
In order to apply, please fill in the online form and send via email the following documents to the ILTK Education Office: segreteriadidattica@iltk.it

  • Curriculum vitae with a short summary of your Dharma experience
  • Motivation letter
  • Self-certification of one’s economic situation (being able to sustain oneself for the entire study program)
  • Before proceeding with your payment, please wait for confirmation of your registration from the ILTK Education Office. Thank you.

Please fill out the form

The residential Basic Program has two kinds of certificates:

  • a Completion Card for the completion of individual subjects
  • a Completion Certificate for successful completion of the Basic Program


Residential Basic Program students who would like to have their BP Completion Card signed off for the subjects they have completed are required to:

BP_ComplCard_ENG_coversmall– Fully participate in the teachings and review classes
– Pass all exams related to the specific subject
– Have done all the required meditation sessions
– Have participated in the community service of 5 hours per week
– Have practised in accordance with the BP behavior and conduct requirement
– Have abided by the rules of living and studying in a Dharma community as specified by ILTK



FPMT Education Services issues a BP Completion Certificate to students who

BP_ComplCertificate_ENGsmall– Have  successfully completed all nine curriculum subjects
– Have participated in  the three-month final review
– Have passed the final exam
– Have completed a three-month lamrim retreat, or three one-month lamrim retreats

For more information about the Basic Program please contact:

Segreteria Didattica
Office telephone: 0039 050-685009

Thank you for your interest.