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An introductory weekend course, repeated at regular intervals, covering the key points of meditation in the context of Tibetan Buddhism.

buddhismnutshell_logo200x200_1In addition to examining what meditation is, the purpose of meditating, the various type of meditation, how to meditate, and how to develop a daily meditation practice, the course also provides a brief overview of Buddhism in general and of Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition in particular.

Note: This is not a modular course. Each weekend is a single course intended each time for new people and those who would like to benefit from repeating the course a second time.

For Who: Anyone curious about meditation in general and the practice of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in particular.

By Whom: The course is taught by qualified Westerners, including the teaching staff and students of the residential academic programs at ILTK.

Lenght: One weekend.Students meditating

When: This weekend course is repeated approximately every second month. The course begins Friday evening at 21.00 and concludes Sunday at 12.30.

Course structure: Sessions of frontal teachings alternated with short sessions of guided meditation accompanied by ample time for question & answers.

Outcome: Participants acquire the tools and knowledge to begin a basic daily meditation practice at home.

Language Taught in Italian.

Online: Available in Italian from ILTK in 2013. Available in English from the FPMT.

Meditation101Complementary courses: Meditation 101 can be done either before or after Buddhism in a Nutshell. It can be followed by the Foundations of Buddhism and other introductory level courses on Tibetan Buddhism and meditation. Those who would like to engage in a longer and more detailed study of Tibetan Buddhism can follow it with Disscovering Buddhism.

Complementary reading: How to Meditate by Kathleen McDonald, available from Wisdom Publications. Buddhism in a Nutshell, available from The Foundation Store of the FPMT. Books by Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche available from the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive and Wisdom Publications. Books by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other teachers and authors of Tibetan Buddhism available from Buddhist publishers, such as Wisdom Publications and Snow Lion Publications, and from many other general book publishers.

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