MP Residential Program

Masters Program 2023 – 2028

The full-time residential FPMT Masters Program in Buddhist Studies offers both lay and ordained students the opportunity to receive extensive teachings from the resident MP teacher, have the personal support from the MP staff, and enjoy invaluable interaction with fellow students—all of which is uniquely fashioned to deepen the understanding and practice of the Dharma.

Masters Program classes are conducted nine months a year, mid-January to end June and the beginning of September to mid-December. The weekly schedule includes daily teachings by the MP teacher Monday through Friday, regular meditations, and review classes conducted by the teaching assistants several times per week. Attendance requirement apply.

The teachings are translated from Tibetan into English and Italian. Text translations and study materials are provided in English and Italian. Review classes and discussion groups are conducted in English and Italian.

Each subject is concluded by one or more exams. The MP subject completion card indicates that a student has fulfilled the academic, behavior, service, participation and meditation and retreat requirements for a subject. Students who have successfully completed all subjects qualify to participate in the three-month review with essay assignments. 

A one-year lamrim retreat is a Masters Program completion requirement. Month-long lamrim retreats that help prepare for the year-long retreat are scheduled throughout the MP as part of the sutra subject completion requirements.


Staying in Pomaia

The Institute is located in the Tuscan countryside, in a picturesque area, 15 kilometres from the sea. The quiet village of Pomaia is just a few minutes walk from the Institute and offers the main services such as pharmacy, post office and grocery store.

The approximate monthly cost of a rental in Pomaia is 400/500 euros, depending on your needs and type of accommodation. Students can make use of the canteen service by booking meals by writing to

At the end of the pre-enrolment phase, you will receive more information about the accommodation.

Tuition fees

Two payment methods are possible:

  • annual payment, at a reduced rate, for those enrolling in the whole programme or in the first 4 years (2023-2026, from the Ornament to the Treasury subject)
  • payment per subject (possibility of one-off payment or payment by instalments)

Download Residential Single Subject Fee:

Download residential Yearly Fee:

The aim of the Institute is to facilitate as much as possible access to the valuable study of Dharma for students from all over the world and from different economic situations. If financial difficulties prevent you from meeting the costs of the program, please get in touch with us and we will evaluate the different possibilities.

Over the past years our students have been able to take advantage of some grants and scholarships thanks to the support of private benefactors and sponsors, the Unione Buddhista Italiana and the FPMT Merit Box project. More information on current possibilities and modalities will be given at the interview stage.

Course “listener”

Those (monks or lay people) who do not wish to participate in the entire program, but would still like to listen to the teachings in person, will be charged a fee of 40 euros per month as an administrative fee, plus the cost of the printed texts. These fees support the running of the Masters Program and the costs of producing and photocopying translations of the texts and study materials.

For students from countries outside the European Union: Visa, residence permit and health insurance

Before arriving in Italy, it is necessary for all non-EU citizens to obtain a study visa (or, if they belong to the monastic community, a religious visa). Please think about the necessary procedures in advance! For the actual costs of the visa and the required documentation, please contact the Italian embassy in your country.

It is also necessary to obtain health insurance valid in Italy. Once you have obtained your residency permit in Italy, you will be able to register with the national health system.

On arrival in Italy, students from countries outside the European Union will apply for a residence permit. The cost includes:

  • Actual allowance: approximately €175.00 for one year
  • Institute administrative costs: these may include administrative costs, travel and other assistance provided by the ILTK.

Thank you for your interest in studying the Masters Program!

To register, please fill in the registration form >>


New students are accepted at the beginning of each of the six subjects. All full-time students are requested to follow the program of study, meditation and service for the duration of an entire subject and to fully participate in all elements of the program.

All full-time students in the Masters Program are required to offer five hours per week to the Institute for community service, called “karma yoga.” This contribution of time can be seen as a way for students to share in making this course of study possible for everyone by helping with the day-to-day running of the program and the Institute. Assignments of specific tasks are determined based on a number of factors, including the skills that are needed for each job. When possible, the preferences of the student are considered but students are asked to be flexible and accept their assignments. The karma yoga schedule does not interfere with attendance at teachings, mediations and review classes.

General conduct while attending teachings at ILTK
Lama Thubten Yeshe, the founder of the FPMT, asked that the five following precepts be respected at all times in FPMT centers:

  1. No killing
  2. No stealing
  3. No sexual misconduct
  4. No lying
  5. No using intoxicants, including alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes

All students who attend classes at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute are requested to abide by these five precepts (although smoking is permitted in certain areas on the premises). Students who reside on the property are also required to follow the general rules of the Institute, which enable the community to live together harmoniously and safely.

For further information on the Masters Program, please contact the Education Office:


Office phone: (+39) 050-685009