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The new Basic Program 2018 – 2022

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The Residential Basic Program consists of daily teachings complemented by daily review-classes, meditations and periodic retreats. Teachings will take place from Monday to Thursday from 3.00 to 5.00 pm.

Teachings will be translated into Italian and English.

The FPMT will give a Basic Program Completion Certificate for the entire study program or just for the subjects effectively attended.

Information about the tuition fees for the entire program and for single subjects are as follows:


Ordained Sangha
Monks and nuns are offered the Residential Program free of charge as long as they participate fully in all aspects of the program, such as lessons, meditation retreats and exams.

Course Auditors
Those who are not interested in receiving the certification for the single modules or the entire Residential Study Program can anyhow listen to the teachings; study material can be requested to the Segreteria Didattica and will be charged the costs of its printing.

Accomodation and meals

The costs per month for accommodation and meals are:

For those students who wish to make use of the dining service the cost of each meal is 10€ for lay people and 5€ for nuns and monks.

For information regarding the availability and costs of accommodation:

– for monks in the monastery, please contact the assistant of Takden Shedrup Dargye Ling (Ven. Marco Castaldi) at info@sangha.it 

– for nuns in the houses belonging to the nunnery, please contact the assistant of Shenpen Samten Ling (Ven. Tashi) at shenpensamtenling@gmail.com

Requests for enrollment for the BP will be accepted from April 13th, 2015.
The Basic Program will start September 17th, 2015.

After having filled out the application form, please send via mail the following documents to the Education Office segreteriadidattica@iltk.it:

  • Curriculum vitae with a short summary of your dharma experience
  • Motivation letter
  • Self-certification of one’s economic situation (being able to sustain oneself for the entire study program)
  • before proceeding with the payment, please wait for the positive replay from Education Office. Thank you

Please fill out the form

The residential Basic Program has two kinds of certificates:

  • a Completion Card indicating the completed subjects
  • a Completion Certificate which attests that a student has successfully completed all the Basic Program components

Basic program Completion Card

bpattestato_200All residential Basic Program students who would like to receive the BP Completion Card are required to:

– Fully participate in the teachings and review classes
– Pass all exams related to specific subjects
– Have done all the meditation sessions and possible retreats organized for a specific subject
– Have a behavior rooted in dharma ethics, particularly abstaining from: killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct (adultery) and using intoxicants.
– Practice mindfulness in relation to positive and negative mental states

Basic Program Completion Certificate

bpdiploma_200The FPMT Education Services will give the BP Completion Certificate to all students who:

– Have completed all nine study subjects
– Have done the three-month final review
– Have passed the final exam
– Have done a three-month lam-rim retreat

“The aim of the center is to serve others. This is an international center, open to everyone, every race, nationality, and background. It is a place to learn how to free the mind from deep-seated harmful conceptions, and to live in harmony with others by putting meditation into practice in daily life.”
Lama Thubten Yeshe
Founder of the FPMT