China steps up discredited attempts to control Dalai Lama’s succession

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Nepal Denies Tibetans’ Request To Hold Dalai Lama Birthday Celebration

The Dalai Lama turned 84 on Saturday July 6, and his followers in Nepal had hoped to celebrate the occasion in the capital, Kathmandu, but... Read more

The Dalai Lama on Why Leaders Should Be Mindful, Selfless, and Compassionate

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SEE Learning: The Dalai Lama’s Gift to Humanity

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The Brave Parrot: Being Small in a Big, Troubled World

JATAKA TALES TEACHINGS What a tale about Buddha’s past life as a bird can teach us about waking up through compassion. The Buddha was once a... Read more

Tibet, quale futuro?

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Beginning to Understand Karma

A teaching on karma given by Lama Yeshe at Chenrezig Institute, Queensland, Australia, on 28 June 1976. Edited by Dr.Nicholas Ribush. Excerpts from this teaching have... Read more

Happy Losar (Tibetan New Year)!

Tibetans and a section of Buddhists around the world will celebrate Losar on  February 5, 2019 starting of the Earth-Pig year. The celebration normally lasts... Read more

Tibetan Passport Restrictions

Tibetan Passport Restrictions Limit Attendance at Dalai Lama Prayer Gathering Tightened controls by Chinese authorities over passports issued to Tibetans have blocked pilgrims traveling to India... Read more

Meditare sul respiro

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Ego, Attachment and Liberation

In 1975, Lama Yeshe undertook his most extensive international teaching tour, being on the road for nearly nine months. This is an extract o f the... Read more

Ghesce Yesce Tobden – Tenzin Namkha Rinpoce

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Anger Always Hurts Me

Of all the harmful, negative emotions we have, anger is by far the most dangerous for it not only causes much harm to others; it... Read more

Tibetan activist detained in Nepal for posing with Tibetan flag

DHARAMSHALA, Mar. 29: A Tibetan man was reportedly detained for 10 days and threatened to be deported back to Tibet by Nepalese police for a... Read more

Beijing orders Tibetans to expose Dalai Lama loyalists

The Times, Asia Times, 12 February 2018 Uneasy about 'infiltration under the facade of Buddhist activists,' the Chinese leadership now wants Tibetans to report followers of their... Read more

Upcoming Lunar and Solar Eclipses

see: If you cherish another person, another sentient being, there is enlightenment and you cause them to achieve every happiness. If you don’t cherish them,... Read more

Major religious festival cancelled in Larung Gar – Tibet

Major religious festival cancelled and new police checkpoints at Larung Gar International Campaign For Tibet ON NOVEMBER 3, 2017 Larung Gar or Larung Valley is a city... Read more

The Dalai Lama Mentors USIP Youth Leaders

The Dalai Lama Meets USIP's Youth Leaders  November 6-7,  2017 The U.S. Institute of Peace gathered 28 youth leaders from countries confronting violent conflict at a meeting with His... Read more

The electricity of spiritual practice

Westerners today have many techniques that allow them to do wonderful things. Humans can fly in space, move under the sea, reproduce and transmit pictures... Read more