Interdisciplinary Education

Vorrei sapere

We are more than happy to hear from you if you would like to have more information about the Institute or have specific questions about our activities!

We welcome everyone interested in following a course or just to spend some quiet time enjoying the beautiful, peaceful setting.

We offer courses that encourage awareness, harmony, wisdom, and kindness. Amongst many programs, weekend courses, annual retreats and one-off courses we currently facilitate on running courses in Tibetan medicine and Mindfulness Training for councilors.

We also aim to:


Lama Tzong Khapa Institute supports the preservation of the Buddhist tradition through:

translation of Buddhist scriptures from Tibetan into English and Italian and their publication
recording and archiving of over 30 years of Buddhist teachings given by qualified teachers in the Gelug tradition
construction of holy objects such as temples, stupas, and prayer wheels
preservation of Buddhist art forms including painting and sculpting sacred images
hosting of events such as the Maitreya Project Relic Tour

In addition the Institute’s community regularly supports the preservation of Tibetan culture through hosting Tibetan language courses, organizing courses on Tibetan traditional medicine and healing techniques, participating in inter-religious dialogues, and attending peace marches and conferences in favor of the freedom of Tibet.


Recent years has seen increased interest among scientists, philosophers, and psychologists in the Buddhist understanding of the human mind and the nature of the self. There has also been increased interest in the practical methods of meditation and mind training aimed at enhancing the human qualities of kindness, compassion, and wisdom. This interest has resulted in numerous research projects that range from functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brains of meditators, to studies of the efficacy of mindfulness meditation in reducing stress. The positive findings of many of these research projects support and encourage Buddhist practitioners to persevere in their practice, and Lama Tzong Khapa Institute is dedicated to both initiating and collaborating in research studies in this field.


Lama Tzong Khapa Institute offers support to the sick, the troubled, the dying, and those who have died through performing regular prayer ceremonies for the alleviation of their suffering. We offer service to the community in a variety of ways through supporting and working in association with the following charities and organizations.
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“The aim of the center is to serve others. This is an international center, open to everyone, every race, nationality, and background. It is a place to learn how to free the mind from deep-seated harmful conceptions, and to live in harmony with others by putting meditation into practice in daily life.”
Lama Thubten Yeshe
Founder of the FPMT