From 2014 is possible to allocate the 8×100 in favor of the Italian Buddhist Union.

Every Citizen that delivers the personal income tax return can choose, signin the provided box, to allocate the 8×1000 of the irpef income choosing from the 11 religious subjects and the state that can benefit from it.

Between those, since 2014, the Italian Buddhist Union, after signing the agreement with the Italian Government, is present.

The Italian Buddhist Union, as decided in the agreement, has commited itself to use the fonds coming from th 8×1000 with “cultural operations, social and humanitarian, in favor of other countries also, as well as of assistance and supporting of the cult.”

Informations at: https://unionebuddhistaitaliana.it/8×1000/

The 8×1000 shall not be confused with the 5×1000

The 8×1000 is the share of the IRPEF that the Government specifically earmarkes for religious faiths and for Itself for social and humanitarian purposes.
The 5×1000 is how much every contributor can allocate to support specific Onlus, social promotion associations, research institutions, universities and medical research institutions

Therefore every Citizen can select both destinations.