May every being ailing with disease. Be freed at once from every malady. May all the sickness that afflicts the living Be instantly and permanently healed.
Shantideva Bodhisattvacaryavatara
The Way of the Bodhisattva

Generosity is a fundamental practice in Buddhism, especially in Mahayana Buddhism.

The Institute deals with considereable expenses during the year: staff salaries, maintenance of buildings, cost of energy and insurances and a lot more. This year also, to ease the needs and difficulties related to the economic crisis, we have abolished the course fee for the majority of courses offered at the Institute.
The expenses for taking care of teachers and translators, together with the teaching materials provided during the lessons, are no longer charged to the participants. A part of these costs is covered by revenues of the stays, by the shop and the membership fees. But these revenues are not sufficient, so the real resource that allows the life of the Institute and allows the growing of new projects is the generosity and good heart of ILTK supporters.

Without this fundamental contribution the Institute would have to charge course fees that might exclude or make the participation very difficult. Worst than that : the Institute might even stop its activities or reduce them drastically. Your aid will help the preservation of an ancient tradition, a treasure of wisdom that creates immeasurable benefits. As well as incalculable will be the merits and benefits of those who will support the dharma.


The real resourse that supports the Institute’s life and allows to face its new projects is the generosity and good heart of his supporters. Support The Institute Lama Tsong Khapa now.
If you want to dedicate the merits of your offer in the memory or for the benefit of someone close to you, You can declare it in the reserved space of the form for credit transfer or in the text field of the pay pal page.

You can donate also:

    By Bank transfer or Bank RID
    Fill the form
    At the Institute Office or at Reception