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We are more than happy to hear from you if you would like to have more information about the Institute or have specific questions about our activities!

There are many ways to support the institute Lama Tzong Khapa and new ones can be identified meeting the needs that each time the Companies suggest.

The Companies, big or small, are made by people. Men and Women that, alile any other human being, are in the pursuit of happyness. The individual one, familiar and private and the professional and social one.
Therefore every contribution to the life and development of the Institute it’s a precious donation both for Those who offer and Those who receive, it is a seed that will bloom awesomely.

With a liberal donation, the companies contributes to the Institute’s life, contributes to the veriety and excellence of the courses, shares the sustainable growth of this place and the improvements that can be done for a serene and profitable stay for the course’s participants.
The donations can have also a specific causal, for example:

  • The organization of the visit of a certain Master coming from one of the monastic university of India (Travel, visa, stay).
  • Purchase and cataloging of the texts that will enrich the Institute’s Library, allowing students and course’s participants to deepen the most significant topics.
  • Maintenance and functionality of the house where the Gheshe lives and where the Masters visiting the institute are hosted.
  • Contributions for a student of the master or basic program: they are individuals from all over the world that chooses to dedicate a long period of their life to the intensive study of philosophy and practice in order to became qualified teachers.

A new meditation hall, the support of the library, energetic riqualification : the projects for the future are many and demanding. Trough this site we will communicate each time every beginning project and how to contribute.

The institute organizes periodically events that catches a great audiance. From the presence of a visiting Master, to the public conferences… A company that present itself as a sponsor, through a donation or as a technical sponsor, offers to the institute a precious gift that will benefit a growing number of people.

The Institute is not just a meditation, practice and study place. It is also a organizational reality very complex, made by ancient buldings that needs maintenance and a vast park that needs care. To take charge of the supply of goods and utility services for the Institute is another way to support this place and be appreciated as a sensible and aware company.


The companies that find in Lama Tzong Khapa Institute the appropriate partner for their activities of Corporate Social Responsibility will have a variety of benefits, immediate and concrete:

  • The Donations will be tax deductible
  • The Creation of a dialogue with an audience sensitive to the ethical choices also in the business world
  • The visibility given by a genuine and ethical synergy.


The real resourse that supports the Institute’s life and allows to face its new projects is the generosity and good heart of his supporters. Support The Institute Lama Tsong Khapa.

You can donate also:

    By Bank transfer or Bank RID
    Fill the form
    At the Institute Office or at Reception