Rinpoce ringrazia

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Uno sguardo sul mondo

Tibetan Flag

The Tibetan flag, also known as the "snow lion flag" (gangs seng dar cha), is the national flag of Tibet, adopted by the 13th Dalai Lama in 1916. Banned by the... Read more


Beijing orders Tibetans to expose Dalai Lama loyalists

The Times, Asia Times, 12 February 2018 Uneasy about 'infiltration under the facade of Buddhist activists,' the Chinese leadership now wants Tibetans to report followers of their spiritual leader. People... Read more


The Dharma of Dancing

After an intensive meditation course taught by Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Chenrezig Institute, Australia, in 1979, there was a one-day festival, where the students picnicked, sang, danced in the gompa, played... Read more

The commitment of the ILTK it's to make sure that Mahayana Buddhism can be accessible to everyone. For this reason the attendance to the courses with our Masters are by donation. Support our journey.

Creating space for Dharma

Making Dharma practice effective The antidote to delusion, ego and every other problem we face is the wisdom of Dharma; Dharma wisdom provides the deepest solution... Read more


Il Tantra Buddhista e il Principio del Piacere

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Upcoming Lunar and Solar Eclipses

see: If you cherish another person, another sentient being, there is enlightenment and you cause them to achieve every happiness. If you don’t cherish them,... Read more

Compassion is a deep feeling and understanding of the suffering of self and others associated with a deep commitment and responsibility to try to alleviate it.

14° Dalai Lama


Chotrul Duchen, The Day of Miracles

The first full moon in the Tibetan lunar calendar is celebrated as the Day of Miracles, or Chotrul Duchen, which commemorates the final day of miraculous display by the Buddha which... Read more


Tibet: Persecution continues

“Any unit or individual who breaks the rules and causes damage to the natural resources and ecological environment will be punished by the Public Security Organs,” Tibetan Nomads banned from UNESCO site... Read more


Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded

In many ways, there has never been a better time to be alive. Violence plagues some corners of the world, and too many still live under the grip of tyrannical regimes.... Read more