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Masters Program 2023 – 2028

The Online FPMT Masters Program in Buddhist Studies offers both monk and lay students the opportunity to receive extensive teachings from the MP teacher Ven. Geshe Jampa Gelek, have personal support from the MP staff and enjoy an e-learning environment to support the learning activities, all of which is uniquely fashioned to deepen the understanding and practice of the Dharma.




The Masters Program Online (MPOL) offers the opportunity to study the MP to those who are unable to join the residential program. The MPOL makes use of the latest online educational tools available, in an e-learning environment. In addition to the written course materials and texts, students will have access to audio recordings of the teachings, review classes in audio or video format, supervised forums, online quizzes and exams, and other tools to facilitate their learning. 

The Masters Program classes are held for nine months of the year, from mid-January to the end of June, and from the beginning of September to mid-December. The weekly programme includes daily teaching by the MP teacher from Monday to Friday, regular meditations and revision classes led by tutors.

The on-line program runs parallel to the residential program and is offered in English, Italian and Spanish. Online students are supported in their studies by a qualified tutor.

Given the advanced nature of these studies, online students should expect to commit a substantial amount of time each week in order to reach a good level of understanding of the material.


The teachings are translated from Tibetan into English, Italian and Spanish. Students will be provided with translations of the texts and study materials. Online review classes are conducted in English, Italian and Spanish.


Each subject is concluded by one or more exams. The MP subject completion card indicates that a student has fulfilled the academic, behavior, participation and meditation for a subject. Students who have successfully completed all subjects qualify to participate in the three-month review with the final essays assignments. 


A one-month lamrim retreat is a requirement for completion of the Online Masters Program. 

Two payment methods are possible:

  • annual payment, at a reduced rate, for those enrolling in the whole programme or in the first 4 years (2023-2026, from the Ornament to the Treasury subject)
  • payment per subject (possibility of one-off payment or payment by instalments)

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The aim of the Institute is to facilitate as much as possible access to the valuable study of Dharma for students from all over the world and from different economic situations. If financial difficulties prevent you from meeting the costs of the program, please get in touch with us and we will evaluate the different possibilities.

Over the past years our students have been able to take advantage of some grants and scholarships thanks to the support of private benefactors and sponsors, the Unione Buddhista Italiana and the FPMT Merit Box project.

Thank you for your interest in studying the Masters Program!

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Office phone: (+39) 050-685009