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This year your member card is in digital Paperfree!


1 euro per day (30 € per month)

The card “Benefactor Member”, among other benefits, also allows the access to live audio streaming of the weekend’s teachings of Ven. Geshe Tenphel and Ven. Geshe Gelek.


10 € per month

The card “Supporting Member”, among other benefits, allows You to download text and audio, new and from the archive, in digital format in the reserved area.


20 € per year

With the card “ILTK Member” as Ordinary Member, together with all the other benefits, you can also access to the online magazine Siddhi.

Renew your valuable support in 2021 by subscribing the Institute’s Card. It will be a way to be close in distance, to make the teachings grow and flourish, to preserve something that is a matter deep in the heart of us all, and promote a culture of peace. The card’s validity lasts a solar-year.

Become a member

To be a member garantees the participation to all the activities organized by the association, allows You to enjoy its services and offers the possibility to attend, by donation, the teachings of Tibetan Masters (other than in the FPMT study programs: Master Program, Basic Program and Discovering of Buddhism).