The new Module of the Basic Program starts soon: Ornament for Clear Realization – Fourth Chapter

“By the knower of all, hearers seeking pacification are led to peace; By the knower of paths, those benefiting migrating beings accomplish the welfare of the world; By the perfect possession of it, the subduers teach the varieties possessing all aspects; To these mothers of the Buddhas, together with the host of hearers and bodhisattvas – homage.” Maitreya



From 12-29 June and 4–21 Sept. 2017 the new Module of the  Basic Program starts soon:  Ornament for Clear Realization – Fourth Chapter.
The Ven. Geshe Tenzin Tenphel will highlight “The 37 practices harmonious with enlightenment!
It is possible to follow this module without having done the previous modules.
The course is offered as residential or online program.
The registrations will closed the 2017 June 8.

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Maitreya’s Ornament for Clear Realization is the root text for the study of the levels of realization related to enlightenment according to the Madhyamaka school. This important scripture, traditionally the basis for extensive study in the monastic curriculum, makes explicit these levels which are otherwise presented in only a hidden manner in the Buddha’s Perfection of Wisdom teachings. From among the seventy topics covered by the Ornament, the eleven topics of chapter four have been selected for commentary in the Basic Program curriculum, with an emphasis on the first topic.

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